Raising Awareness

The World's Water Emergency

The access to potable water is a basic human right, yet over half a million people live without clean water every day. That's almost one out of every ten people.

The Impact on Girls

Girls have to drop out of school at a young age to work to provide their families with water. They often have to walk miles to bring water back to their families to use for a day. When the access of clean water is invested in, the educations and futures of millions of girls are given a chance.

Young Children are the Victims

The people most affected by the global water crisis are children. Children under five years old are the ones who die the most from diseases caused by dirty water. Almost 315,000 of them die per year because of this.

What's Being Done

The crisis is slowly being solved by an onslaught of organizations that bring aid to those who don't have access to clean water and those who have become ill from water borne diseases. The percent of people in the world who have access to an improved water source has increased by 15% since 1990, and is now 91%, but the battle is far from over.

Think global. drink local.


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