About Us

Skating towards Safe Water for All

Ice for Water is working towards improving clean water access for kids everywhere. We are  ice sport athletes volunteering in our communities and at our local rinks to help raise much needed awareness for these causes. Most people know that there are people in the world who don’t have clean water, but many don’t know just how many people there actually are, and how many people die from easily treatable diseases. 

Why Ice Sport Athletes?

We are on a mission to help ice rinks and people in our communities understand their Water Footprint and work on becoming Water Neutral. 

We recognize our ‘privilege to play’ on frozen water. The ice sports we love use gallons of water everyday, while people elsewhere have to walk for miles to get a few buckets of potable water.

Bringing it to the Rink

Ice For Water was started in 2017 by Kyra Kozin, a figure skater, as her service project while participating in the MIT Leadership Training Institute Program.  The goal of Ice For Water is to create positive change through the voices of those who participate in ice sports. Send us an email if you would like to get involved or sign up for the Ice for Water Ambassador program. 


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